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Are you working at a job or building a career?

Do you feel stuck where you work? Do you think you will never feel real satisfaction with what you do for a living? Do you consider work to be a daily humiliation? If any of these questions hit close to home, listen up. You are not alone. The truth is, the vast majority of working people the world over are not, to put it mildly, happy with what they do for a living. Interestingly enough, the way you feel about your work might be due to the word you use to describe it.

The words we use to label what we do, what we see, and what we are go a long way in creating our personal reality. Notice the big difference in the words 'bum' and 'homeless'? How about 'used' and 'pre-owned'? Have you called someone a 'loser' and someone else 'unfortunate'?  These pairings show a huge difference in values and judgment even though they refer to the same things. One set of words indicate negativity and personal judgments, while the other set shows something more open to improvement and positive change. Our choice of words affect our attitudes and our attitudes affect our reality. This also applies to what you call what you do for a living. You have two choices: job or career. Your choice of words defines your reality.


If you've been using the word 'job' until now, you are cheating yourself. A 'job' is something people engage in to put in their time so they can get a paycheck at the end of two weeks. A 'job' is usually a collection of things 'you just have to do' so you can put food on the table. When the word 'job' is mentioned, people's eyes don't light up about their dreams, aspirations, and calling in life. Instead, the word brings up images of people punching a clock to get in, do their time, and punch a clock to get out. Using this term drains the life out of what you do. You classify yourself as a hired hand when you say you work at a job. And, for most people, their usage of the word 'job' to describe what they do for a living produces feelings of isolation, being trapped, regret, and the feeling that they are spinning their wheels while going nowhere.

Take charge of your situation and call what you do for a living your 'career.' This word sets a different set of values in motion. When you have a career, you are always continuously looking to learn and improve your skill sets. Your career constantly pushes you to ever higher levels of competency. You aren't satisfied with merely getting promoted, your pursuit of a career demands you take on more and more responsibility. A career challenges you to not only master the things you are good at, but to continuously branch out and master even more challenges. A career reflects your character and your values. It is a constant striving not just to be content with what is but to constantly help the organization you work for turn what could be into a reality. The more you use the word 'career', the more your subconscious will align your thoughts, attitude, and ambitions towards the deep rich meaning of the word. Your first step in changing your reality is to change the words you use for your work.

Choose to have a career instead of merely keeping a job. Doing this can change your mindset and your changed mindset can change your personal reality. It can lead to more promotions, higher pay, and, most importantly, real fulfillment. Life can easily turn into a prison of frustrated dreams. The good news is the key is in your hands.